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Eduleaf gives management complete power over the grading process, even which teacher marks which question, with its real-time teacher performance and reporting features.

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Scan your sheets

Upload them on the server

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Define regions, draw which question is coming where

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Add collaboration to the exam

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Grade and verify

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Customize reports according to your needs

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Send out reports to students and management

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Step image8 a8b8908b04ca0b0db098cc4c4e52722791996b6307002a5da7070e3fe2b34433

Post exam analysis

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Archived and stored in the cloud for future reference

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Teaching is the world's best job, if it wasn't for grading!

- Dr Arif Zaman - LUMS

About Eduleaf

Eduleaf is an automated online tool that allows the grading of ordinary paper-based exams containing any type of questions. It can handle math questions, chemical diagrams, essay questions, as well as multiple-choice.

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